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The Unemployment Insurance (UI) program provides temporary income assistance to Massachusetts workers who are unemployed through no fault of their own, are able and available for work, and looking for a full time job.   Unemployment services at the career center will be self-directed on computers, and our staff will be available to assist.  Our on-site staff can help you navigate the sometimes overwhelming process, but chances are you might also be able to get the answers to your questions online or by phone!

To learn about eligibility requirements and more by visiting the State of Massachusetts overview of the program and its benefits go to the Massachusetts Labor and Workforce Development website.

Not sure if our Career Center staff can help with your Unemployment issue?

Issues we can help with:

Password needs to be reset

We can reset it.

Can see issues placed on a claim

We may be able to provide next steps

View Unemployment inbox

Check requests for information

Upload documents to DUA

Must be in .PDF format

Issues we can’t help with:

Claim is in adjudication

You will be contacted by an adjudicator

Open or reopen claims

Wage reporting

Hearings & Appeals

Yes, I would like to schedule a time to talk to one of the MassHire Brockton Career Center staff in person on one of the above topics with which we can help.

Do you want to try to help yourself?

Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance Contact

  • To request a payment by phone, call TeleCert at (617) 626-6338.
  • To check your payment status by phone, call the Payment Status Line at (617) 626-6563.
  • To set or change your TeleCert PIN by phone, call the PIN Service Line at (617) 626-6943.
  • All phone lines are open Monday to Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm.